Smart Utilities

Smart Utilities for Increased Visibility and Sustainability

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    A vast majority of the utilities assets are not visible to the operations and management personnel and stay hidden in the background. Our smart utilities solution enables a smart view of the vast distribution system network right from the edge of the transmission system till the last mile point just prior to the consumer metering points, thereby providing the most required visibility to the distribution network. This envisions an end to end digital enablement for smart network monitoring, outage detection, operational improvement with an advanced decision support system for better observability, controllability & network management.


    Meter Data Management System (MDMS):

    Our meter data management (MDM) forms the core of the smart metering / automated metering infrastructure (AMI) by collecting data from meters and adding intelligence & actionable insights. Our MDM comprises of highly proven integrated applications suite that facilitates validation & verification, storage & retrieval and simplified interface environment to internal & external utility systems with insightful data and analytics.

    Automated Meter Infrastructure:

    We provide end to end AMI systems complete with smart meters, communication interfaces and meter data management software applications suite to collect, validate, analyse and provide insightful data with analytics and actionable insights to utility management for efficient and effective management of the meter to cash process and to easily interface with internal & external systems.

    Distribution Substation Monitoring System:

    Our DSMS solution comprises of an IoT based monitoring system with special emphasis of near real-time monitoring of LV feeder power flow coupled with substation equipment and power quality with alerts & visualization for smart network monitoring.  The solution enables end to end digital transformation of the distribution network from upstream HV systems till the last mile consumer metering systems through simple open interfaces and geospatial views.

    Advanced Analytics for Smart Utilities:

    Our intelligent smart grid platform handles big data to provide intelligent & critical insights useful to utilities. Some of the important features of advanced analytics are demand forecasting, asset monitoring, revenue protection management, consumer behavior insights, demand response, and prepaid metering support. Our advanced analytics solution provides an easy interface to internal & external data sources & utility systems.

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