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    Airport passenger processing systems are an excellent example of how Smartworld technology benefits our customers and our customer’s customer. In addition to automating the self-check-in process, Smartworld systems use sophisticated technologies such as biometrics and AI to capture insights and help airports and airlines optimize departure and arrival operations on a continuous improvement initiative. By relieving terminal airline staff of mundane processing, those needing assistance receive more personal attention, leading to greater satisfaction for both passengers and staff.



    Smartworld next-generation check-in kiosks allow passengers to conveniently check in at the airport without interacting with agents. In many cases, passengers are verified biometrically by scanning the image in their passport or travel document. This automated authentication allows passengers with only carry-on bags to proceed directly to the customs and immigration touchpoint. Airport staff is then more effective by engaging with passengers on an exception basis rather than being behind the counter for processing everyone in the cue. This is one of the many areas of expertise offered by Smartworld.

    Bag Drop:

    For passengers checking in with baggage, the same automation allows passengers to conveniently process their bags without having to interact with agents. Agents are no longer faced with the daily stress associated with continually handling large, often very heavy bags. Captured bag tag data serves, of course, the real-world need for complete transparency and optimal security but also generates data for benchmarking check-in performance efficiency, which is often measured in seconds. Automated bag check-in also minimizes queues and can immediately issue overweight bag charges to the passenger’s credit card.

    Touchless Self-check-in and Bag Drop:

    Airports can be significant collection hubs for germs and pathogens that are easily transmitted by surface contact. Smartworld touchless self-check-in and baggage drop-off areas utilize mobile apps and smartphone technology to their fullest extent, empowering passengers to tap or display their credentials and check-in authentication with kiosk NFC wireless. The ability to advance quickly to the head of the line or security gate is of great value to most frequent travelers. Like their touchpoint counterparts, the more advanced touchless systems can integrate with other secure IoT systems, such as 1:1 messaging with an authorized party (or family member), credit card and loyalty programs, and such.

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