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    Let robots take care of the repetitive work. Smartworld robotics systems deploy hardware having various levels of complexity. These intelligent robots can be used for assistance, patrolling, delivery, sanitization, etc. For example, disinfection robots use UV or disinfectant sprays as part of the regular cleaning cycle to prevent or reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful microorganisms.

    Robotics – Assistants:

    Our range of assistant robots is an intelligent robot concierge with programmable capabilities. Facility managers, hospitality directors, and organization hosts use assistant robots to provide information and guide customers to the designated destinations, act as tour guides by leading customers through preset paths, and broadcast customized content at certain times and locations. Smartworld robots have autonomous obstacle detection and avoidance and position and return automatically to recharge. Robots are capable of working 22 hours per day, with 2 hours for recharging.

    Robotics – Patrolling:

    Security patrol robots can transmit real-time remote thermal imaging and monitoring data using visual, GPS, and 5G connectivity. Robots learn to follow a specific route guided by an autonomous navigation system. The robot uses visual navigation and GPS, achieving route accuracy by obtaining corrections from both systems. Smartworld security robots can maneuver around obstacles during patrols, activating IR illumination during night or low-level light operations. Robots reduce workforce requirements, and even more importantly, minimize the risk for security personnel charged with indoor and outdoor area surveillance. These robots can also use their thermal cameras to check the temperature of individuals. Robots can also feature facial recognition cameras and software to help identify suspicious individuals and provide intel for the security team.

    Robotics – Disinfection:

    Disinfecting hospital rooms, offices, conference areas, transportation terminals, the list is never-ending. Fortunately, Smartworld disinfection robots can handle these repetitive but essential tasks. Equipped with a wide variety of technologies, robots can use both ultraviolet C light and disinfectant spray. UVC light destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and spores, while spray disinfectants reach surface areas meters away. Robots can move autonomously for timed, fixed point, and multi-track disinfection and sterilization of large areas.

    Robotics Partners:

    Boston Dynamics | SoftBank