Internet of Things

Internet of Things

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    Smartworld Internet of Things solutions provide a basis for data-driven decision making, supervision, and leading to new management models of high efficiency and convenience. We integrate AI + IoT technologies to generate and collect massive data through the Internet of Things and store it in the cloud and at the edge, and then digitalize and connect all things through big data analysis and more advanced artificial intelligence.


    Asset Monitoring:

    Smartworld designs, builds, and manages the software that powers today’s connected smart products. Our end-to-end approach to the Internet of Things combines best-of-breed technologies with custom software, resulting in faster ramp-up and solutions aligned with corporate objectives. Our telematics systems capture and transmit asset information regarding performance, faults, and activities. Telematics gives asset managers a mountain of raw data that can be organized and analyzed to flag any required action steps. The system features a dynamic dashboard with in-depth analytics: charts, gauges, maps, and other visual elements that show the status and performance of vital assets and events in real-time.

    Location Devices:

    GPS is the cornerstone in identifying asset location. However, GPS by itself will not generate the data necessary to support data-based decisions. It’s telematics that captures and transmits asset information regarding performance, faults, and activities. Our location tracking system integrates advanced BLE Beacon and several wireless communications to provide a seamless and versatile platform to track and manage people and objects, improving efficiency and saving cost.

    Smart Locks:

    Smart locks are an excellent example of how the Internet of Things adds a digital service to a physical product. Our smart lock systems are part of new facility security installation or used in retrofitting conventional manual locks in an existing facility. Smart lock status (unlock/lock) is easily monitored and remotely controlled by an authorized user. They are programmed to send alerts or alarms to the IoT platform in the event of tampering, triggering camera field of view, floodlights, offsite alarms, and virtually any other action required. Smartworld assists customers with an IoT connection management platform that connects and streamlines IoT devices’ management, such as smart locks. Smartworld has pioneered interfaces that make it easy to manage unique users and user codes, enabling facility managers to give limited access (including one-time codes) to anyone who owns a smartphone. Finally, easy-to-deploy over-the-air updates help assure the locks continue to provide the designed security.

    IoT Connection Management Platform:

    We offer custom-designed IoT connection management platforms that connect, centralize, and streamline the management of IoT devices, such as M2M (machine-to-machine), SIM cards, and other Internet of Things devices. The software allows businesses to reduce downtime from device repairs by proactively checking for errors and predicting failures before they happen. IoT management platforms also collect performance data for AI decisions.

    IoT Sensors:

    Security is a critical aspect of conducting business in today’s global marketplace. This is especially true with all things related to the IoT. Security is not limited to software development, email accounts, or web portals. Any product or service that facilitates connections on the internet is a potential entry point for aggressors. Mobile phones, USB ports, public Wi-Fi, machine interfaces, home, and automotive systems—if it’s connected, it’s vulnerable. While we offer a wide range of IoT sensors ranging from submersible tank monitors to LiFi based IoT sensors, we also engineer security into each device. We offer these sensors with various connectivity protocols such as GSM, WIFI, LAN, WAM, NB IoT & LPWAN.


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