Contactless Solutions

Contactless Solutions

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    Contactless solutions solve pathogen and virus transmission issues at access points, point of sale, and machine control in addition to convenience and ease of use. Contactless or no-touch control relies on near-field communications to control machines without the need to touch. These solutions prevent the spread of diseases and promote the safe use of devices. Some of these solutions are a hologram, screen mirroring, and voice control. Touchless technology improves employee, shopper, and visitor experiences, integrated with artificial intelligence, biometric technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud connectivity. It simplifies attendance and also ensures consistent customer support while improving the efficiency of administrative resources.


    Contactless Payment:

    Contactless payment is mainstream options that utilize Near Field Communications (NFC) or Radio Frequency (RFID). Prevalent in retail, tourism, and transportation industries, contactless payment is in high demand due in large part to the increasing concern of pathogen transfer. Smartphones have placed active NFC capabilities literally in the hands of consumers. Contactless payment of transportation tolls reduces traffic bottlenecks. Merchants benefit from the significant opportunities to reduce queuing and improve the in-store payment experience. Our solution also allows organizations to create contactless forms and payment methods by generating QR codes or digital links. Individuals can scan the QR code at the location using their smartphones and fill the appropriate forms of payment needed for further processing.


    Smartwold’s next generation technologies such as hologram are used to project an image of the buttons in the air and provide an interface to interact with, without the need to touch a physical surface. The solution can be used in Bank’s ATM & Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), Information Display terminal (Ex : School, LRT Station, Public area), Hospital Registration, existing number-taking machine queuing system, Lift and Personal/Service counter PC touch screens.

    Screen Mirroring:

    Screen mirroring via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmits a smaller laptop or smartphone screen content onto a larger digital display without the need for cables. The remote presentation may also involve scanning a QR code on the individual’s smartphone, negating the need to physically touch display surface technology to mirror a display’s interface onto an individual’s smartphone. Screen mirroring technology is platform agnostic with the option to reproduce the same content from Windows, macOS, Chromebook, or Linux computer to one or multiple displays simultaneously.

    Mobile Application:

    With the changing business landscape, demand for mobile apps is at an all-time high. Mobile apps can maximize asset utilization, enhance operational efficiency, and provide secure and immediate access to enterprise data. That’s why many organizations rely on Smartworld to develop contactless mobile applications controlling the display interface or perform the same functionality as the dashboard application on their desktop. Regardless of your mobile strategy, Smartworld programmers and application engineers can help you develop a custom mobile application.

    Voice Recognition:

    Smartworld engineers are proficient in incorporating voice recognition technology for existing systems that allow individuals to control or interact with voice systems. Now found on mobile phones, smartwatches, cars, and homes, these digital assistants improve customer service and operations in finance, HR, marketing, public transportation, and healthcare. Voice recognition promises to reduce costs, simplify outdated processes, and increase overall efficiency in a wide range of environments.


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