Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

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    Pilots, passengers, emergency crews, and maintenance all rely on the control tower to assure safe operations, even during the threat of aircraft failure, bad weather, or worse. Smartworld provides airport teams with air traffic control solutions that help optimize operations and enables to drive towards the future of global air navigation.



    Because air traffic controllers focus on managing aircraft in one sector of multi-sector airspace, they don’t have the opportunity to view how the entire space, including the ground area, operates as one unit. Our Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) solution allows tower operators to monitor the airside and airspace activities in one integrated interface. The integrated platform is controlled using a sophisticated graphic interface on a touchscreen display. Features include:

    • Visibility into the airside.
    • Managing taxiways.
    • Take-off and landing of aircraft.
    • Controlling ground lighting.
    • Automatically triggering alarms if aircraft separation is compromised by controller or pilot error.


    Our Tower simulator solution provides the simulation of an air traffic control tower. The solution helps air traffic controller students to practice and train themselves before working in the actual tower. The simulator also allows to playback incidents and create realistic scenarios of the Airside (Runway, Taxiway), Simulate weather conditions, emergencies, etc.

    Crisis Management:

    Our crisis management solution provides automated callouts to the relevant teams required to attend any emergency, disruption, or crisis event that impacts an airports operation. The System provides a tool to help prompt actions by teams/roles, record decisions/approvals, track casualties communicate and share data between crisis centers.

    Air Traffic Control Partners:

    Honeywell | UFA