Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

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    Access Control Systems allow quick, convenient access to those persons who are authorized while at the same time establishing an access barrier to unauthorized persons. The best access control systems are automatic and effortless yet provide an impenetrable barrier when and where needed.


    Perimeter Intrusion Detection System:

    Outdoor perimeter security is often the most challenging; real-world experience frequently is the most valuable when dealing with the necessity of reliable installation. Thermal cameras using heat signatures are an essential part of the overall solution, but not the entire story. Combining the right technologies in security solutions, such as microwave and radar motion detectors, ensure best practices and that all bases are covered. The balance of physical, personnel, and electronic/automated methods is the most effective outdoor system. Smartworld solutions are among the best.

    Bollards, Road Blocker, Turnstiles & Gate Barrier:

    Bollards can provide a high-security level against unauthorized vehicle access without the need for an outwardly aggressive appearance. Bollards and turnstiles for parking spaces and perimeter entrances are available in many designs and configurations to conform to architectural standards. Able to withstand substantial impact, gate barriers protect residents from extremely aggressive attacks while still allowing secure pedestrian access. These solutions prevent unauthorized and unwanted vehicle access to specific locations and reserved spaces. Smartworld also offers expertise in planning, installing, and managing security barriers for sports and entertainment venues, such as vehicle barriers and intelligent motorized waist-high turnstiles.

    Door Access Control System:

    Door access can be as straightforward as card readers and mobile phone access codes to more elaborate and effective systems that incorporated facial recognition or biometric scanning. Door access is often integrated with smart building IoT networks and can be programmed with high-level algorithms that factor time and location with profile scanning to ensure the highest level of corporate campus security.

    Time Attendance:

    Adopting digital attendance management systems can have a dramatic impact on how you manage attendance. Features and functionalities of these cloud-based platforms become integral to your employees’ workflow. Errors that often lead to misunderstandings and compliance issues can be avoided. Managers can easily verify staff member clock-in location, integrate the data with your payroll system, and review analytics that may identify company-wide attendance issues.

    Smart Gates:

    Smart gates are used to restrict access to authorized individuals to facilities and to record a history log of individuals for attendance, etc. These smart gates can be installed at the entrances/exits of businesses or buildings. Smartworld smart gates can combine with various access modules such as card readers, biometric cameras, etc. They also allow for a touch-free passage and are considered a more secure method in terms of authentication.

    Biometric Access Control System:

    Every person is unique in his or her mannerisms, physical appearance, and gestures. These qualities comprise the biometric data of an individual; data that holds promise to make the world more secure. Biometrics can be deployed as a near foolproof form of enterprise security. However, biometric identity has made many cautious about its use as standalone authentication. In a world where password encryption is no longer adequate at the enterprise level, Biometrics can be a powerful authentication tool.

    Key Management System:

    Even with the proliferation of digital access technology, lock, and key security still provides an excellent level of security and access control, and it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. Smartworld key management systems help clients manage the physical keys at organizations. In addition to hardware, lock and key software are integrated with the organization’s security system, and the physical keys are coupled to IoT sensors.

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