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Smartworld successfully implemented 24/7 IT Managed Services in MoFA

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is a key representation of the strong foundations of the country’s society and the official window to the outer world. The MoFA is the lead agency that takes charge in communicating the thoughts and vision of the UAE leadership; asserting the values of human brotherhood, and calling for lifting the suffering of humans. The ministry plays an important role for the country–supervising the embassies, directorates and diplomatic missions around the world, as well as ambassadors, representatives and diplomats in the move to strengthen friendship and collaboration with other countries on political, economic or cultural levels. With these key responsibilities, the MoFA maintains a 24/7 presence; operating within reach and ready to serve the needs of its citizens.

The Challenge

To help streamline its operations, the MoFA detailed a list of requirements that can wholly improve their response times, key in operational savings and prepare the baseline for the shift towards automation. From a business perspective, the government agency presented the following challenges;

  • The need to display strong focus on MoFA’s core competencies and strategic objectives.
  • Easy management of the agency’s IT operations.
  • High management and operational cost.
  • High profile end users who have high expectations for their Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • The need to efficiently manage local UAE offices and other global branches.
  • Address the high demand for IT services
  • Creation of a single Point of Contact (POC) for all IT concerns combined with multi-vendor approach.
  • Creation and following of a global best practice for IT service management. Aside from the business challenges presented, the MoFA also had placed some technical issues that would need to be dealt with. These challenges include;
  • Variables that were both uncontrolled and unmeasured, along with the SLA.
  • The presence of different vendors to support different systems.
  • Technical and niche expertise and competencies.
  • Access to world class capabilities.
  • Mission critical operation and sensitive data.
  • Absence of an ITSM methodology and standards.

The Solution

Etisalat, which is MoFA’s telecommunications provider, selected Smartworld, one of the leading master systems integrator and Smart Solutions provider in the Middle East, for the project. The company proposed the installation and implementation of a full Onsite 24/7 IT Managed Services Function. The system would be compliant with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Version 3. Smartworld’s proposed solution also offered a very efficient Service Level Agreement (SLA)—99 per cent availability for MoFA’s local and remote operations with the costs being paid per month without any hidden costs. The solution to be installed was customized according to MoFA’s nine IT resources, which consists of UAE offices and 78 global missions.

The Benefits

As a result of the implementation, the MoFA has reported an improvement in operations, which has helped promote more productivity and efficiencies across their different offices in the UAE and abroad. Some of the benefits gained from the implementation of the Onsite 24/7 IT Managed Services Function includes;

  • Reduced and controlled operating costs.
  • Improved and controlled SLA (99 per cent).
  • An increased customer satisfaction rate of 90 per cent.
  • More focused approach on core competencies and business objectives.
  • Increased access to exceptional abilities and skills.
  • Free internal resources for other purposes and business enhancements.
  • Optimal restructuring of benefits.
  • Make capital funds available for other non IT related projects that support the business.
  • Risk sharing through Accountable Service Provider (ASP).