Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

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    The performance of your structured cabling is without question one of the most critical aspects of your network, if not your entire IT infrastructure. Structured cabling must be designed, engineered, and installed by an experienced systems specialist – such as Smartworld. An incorrect design and cabling choice will impact the performance of the entire network.


    IT managers are faced with the challenge of building networks that will support the organization today and well into the future. Representing a small portion of your overall network investment, structured cabling systems are responsible for nearly 75% of your network efficiency. Our structured cabling systems offer a well-defined yet flexible growth path when addressing the need for future devices, smarter buildings, and IoT.

    Benefits of Structured Cabling System

    In addition to assuring optimized digital performance, Smartworld structured cabling systems establish a standard for your communication and data infrastructure, helping mitigate future errors and vendors’ one-off modifications that lead to sub-par performance. Troubleshooting is easier; maintenance costs are lower.

    Our goal is to provide our clients with a cabling infrastructure that assures optimal performance, accommodates changes, maximizes uptime, provides redundancy, and future proofs the investment in the cabling system.

    With our certified RCDD specialists, we design the system based on international standards such as TIA, EU, and ISO following best practices.

    Structured cabling systems include far more than just cables. Typically, a Smartworld installation encompasses: 

    • Entrance Area connects the hardware equipment, cables, and demarcation points of the private network.
    • Technical Room houses cabling, telecommunication equipment, servers, switches, and more.
    • Backbone Cabling connects the entrance area, technical room, and private network spaces altogether from multiple floors.
    • Horizontal cabling includes cables, telecommunication equipment, intermediate connections, and patch cords.
    • Work Area integrates horizontal cabling, telecommunication equipment, computers, telephones, terminals, patch cords, etc.

    Smartworld offers turnkey mapping performance engineering and installation of intelligent cabling solutions which include:

    • Hardware for connectivity
    • Rack manager for the entire passive network management
    • Software for passive infrastructure monitoring

    Smartworld designs and installs data centre passive infrastructure which includes:

    • Racks & cold/hot aisle containment
    • Fibre/copper runner
    • Pre-terminated cabling
    • Cooling system
    • UPS system
    • Firefighting system
    • Data centre infrastructure management
    • Network operation centre


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