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Enterprise Network

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    Our partnerships with leading enterprise network hardware and software providers give us a unique perspective on the ever-changing network landscape from customer needs and a vendor’s capability. The result is a leading-edge enterprise network solution that assures optimum performance in our customer’s environment.


    Ethernet Switching:

    Switching can be the weakest link in a poorly designed enterprise network, creating bottlenecks and degrading network performance. Smartworld offers advanced and proven optical switching. Our goal is to improve the economics of networking with high-density Ethernet switching across organizations by combining the simplicity of management with the power of enterprise-grade hardware.

    WAN Routers:

    We provide a comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks that fast-track the digital transformation. As critical industrial control systems become increasingly interconnected, the inherent challenges in security and complexity are becoming more apparent. Many OT systems are mission-critical and cannot afford security breaches or lengthy deployments and downtimes. Implementing the best tools for the job is essential by consolidating various industry-leading technologies to simplify deployment, management, monitoring, and security.


    A single firewall approach is no longer a viable option for enterprise network security, especially since private network access points have been extended to remote workforces. And malware becomes more sophisticated. Modern firewalls must provide protection at the user, network, and cloud levels. Our traffic flow analyses help determine what types of application traffic are moving through your network. Then we adopt policies and practices to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.


    New business needs have resulted in increased bandwidth requirements and more reliance on network availability & quality. We address this by offering industry-leading technology solutions that combine real-time path selection, edge routing, end-to-end QoS, and WAN optimization.


    Staff and guests expect strong Wi-Fi service. Unfortunately, so do hackers to exploit this vulnerable access point. Smartworld designs, deploys, and maintains secure, high-speed Wi-Fi networks that enable our customers to conduct business throughout their facilities with an added measure of security.

    Load Balancer:

    Load balancing is among our many turnkey services. Our load balancer solutions maximize speed and capacity utilization and ensure that no server is overworked, resulting in performance degradation. Load balancing also provides the data required for visual analytical dashboards that assist management in decisions related to infrastructure improvements.

    IoT Gateway:

    We offer IoT Gateways that perform many tasks, from simple data filtering to enabling visualization and complex analytics. These smart devices are helping power the current wave of IoT expansion and digitization.

    Enterprise Network & Bandwidth Management:

    If you have any reliance on your network to make a profit, then lacking bandwidth transfers to lost revenue. Customers large and small require scalable bandwidth to prevent sluggish network performance. Smartworld engineers address the essentials in building high-performance networks that maintain seamless network service. We provide the advanced yet easy-to-use tools and applications to administer, operate and maintain network infrastructure.

    IP Address Management:

    The need for dynamic IP address management (IPAM) is crucial, especially with the added conflicts that can arise from offsite, BYOD, and virtualization. Our IPAM services plan, track, and manage IP addresses across client networks starting with an authoritative database to mitigate pathway conflicts associated with ad hoc hardware additions, reconfigurations, and changes.


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