ICT, ELV & Security

ICT, ELV & Security

Digitizing foundations through our core infrastructure systems.

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Our ICT, ELV & Security solutions will help you digitize infrastructure, protect facilities, and scale up capabilities. Our experts have a wealth of experience in mega projects and deliver with utmost quality in every project phase across any industry.

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structure cabiling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the base infrastructure that connects all the devices together. Smartworld offers copper cables and fiber cables. Copper cables are normally used to connect individual devices to the technical rooms and the fiber backbone is used to connect the technical rooms to the main control room.

Bollards, Road Blocker & Turnstiles

Smartworld offers various types of barriers and turnstiles for parking spaces and perimeter entrances. These solutions prevent unauthorized and unwanted access by vehicles to certain locations and reserved spaces.

IP Telephony

Smartworld offers IP Telephony system which allows the organization to contact each other internally and to make calls outside the organization. The IP telephony consists of a call manager and telephone sets which are power over ethernet (POE). The call manager will receive the call requests from the individual telephone sets through the network and connect the user with the destination.

Under Vehicle Scanning System

Smartworld offers Under vehicle scanning system which performs a scan of the vehicle underside to detect any unauthorized objects or threats. This solution includes a scanning camera that is placed on the ground over which the vehicle will pass. The solution provides an efficient and easy way to improve security at large gatherings or sensitive facilities.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Smartworld offers electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems that enable monitoring and protection of a perimeter. The elements of the system include long range fibers along the fences and thermal cameras with video analytics that can detect any intruder using heat signatures and provide alerts in real time.

Automatic Number Recognition System

Smartworld offers state of the art number plate recognition systems that utilize cameras capable of not only recognizing the characters and the type of plates on vehicles but also the car model, make and color. Smartworld offers the complete end to end components needed for the system to operate. The system works effectively in most of the environmental conditions. The system can detail of the vehicle and license plate even when they are moving at high speeds.

Parking Management

Smartworld offers Car park management system which manages the parking that consists of gate barrier, IoT parking sensors, payment terminals, cameras with analytics.

Digital Signage

Smartworld offers Digital signage which comprises of a screen that is used for advertising, display information at locations such as elevators, lobbies, etc.

Attendance System

Smartworld offers Attendance system which is a software that is used to manage the attendance of personnel at establishments. This software can generate customized reports and it is integrated with access control systems.

IPTV System

Smartworld offers IPTV system which comprises of television whose content is managed and broadcasted through the internet or local network. The system can be integrated with the alert system such as Guest room management system.

Intercom System

Smartworld offers different types of intercom system such as residential intercom which is used for communication between residents & the guest and security intercom system, and is used in emergency situations (fire, disaster, etc.) to communicate to the security command center.

Background Music

Smartworld offers Background Music system which consists of speakers and head-ends such as amplifiers, controller and players. The system is used to play content like music, tv audio etc. at facilities.

Master Clock System

Smartworld offers Master Clock system which is used to have unified time in an establishment. The system updates its time through a GPS satellite antenna or the internet. There are two types – Digital & Analog.

Key Management System

Smartworld offers Key Management System which helps manage the physical keys at organizations. The system comprises of hardware and software and is integrated with the security system of the organization. The hardware is normally an enclosure that is accessed by a personal key card and all the physical keys are coupled with a sensor to detect their presence.

Public Address System

Smartworld offers Public address system which is an announcement system. It is used for regular or emergency announcement. It comprises of speakers, microphone and amplifiers.

Building Management System

Smartworld offers Building Management System which is a platform that allows the control of various systems in a building. Systems such as HVAC, Distribution Board Panels, Lighting controls, etc. can be monitored and accessed through this platform.

Fire Alarm System

Smartworld offers Fire Alarm system which generates alerts in case of a fire. The system consists of smoke/heat/fire detectors and a control panel which is normally connected to the Civil defense. The system can be integrated with the Public Address system for evacuation.

Motion Detector

Smartworld offers Motion Detector which is a feature that is accomplished using sensors. It allows to detect motion in a location. This is normally part of smart lighting, perimeter intrusion systems, access control, etc.

Smart Lighting

Smartworld offers Smart Lighting which is self controlled lighting system that turns on through special inputs such motion detection and proximity and can vary its brightness levels with respect to its environment. These lights can be power over ethernet (POE).

In-building Solutions

Smartworld offers In-building Solutions that is a combination of active and passive components. The passive components consist of antennas, coaxial cables and connectors that are connected to the active components which consist of remote units and base station. The IBS system enhances the telecom signal inside the buildings by receiving from the outside and distributed through the antennas inside the building.
Smartworld Project Management Methodology

Smartworld is a PMO standard based company that delivers projects on the best practices and methodologies. 

  • 1988
    Project Tendering Stage
    • Client background, vision and mission.
    • Tender requirements analysis.
    • Vendors list based on experience and capabilities.
    • Compliance solution verification.
    • RFI for any inquiries.
  • 1993
    Initiation & Planning Stage
    • Recruitment and team building.
    • Project implementation planning.
    • Procurement planning.
    • Engineering design verification against project/authority requirements.
    • Site establishment.
    • Contract deliverables.
    • Communication planning.
  • 1995
    Project Execution Stage
    • Engineering approvals.
    • HSSE management.
    • Stakeholders management.
    • Procurement management.
    • Resources management.
    • Cost management.
    • Communication management.
  • 2020
    Project Closeout Stage
    • Project deliverables verification.
    • Spare parts and warranties arrangement.
    • Project documentation handover.
    • Operational systems handover.
    • End user training.
    • Final sign-off and Job Completion Certificate by Client.
    • Procurement close out.
    • Team demobilization.
    • Lesson learned collection.
  • 2020
    After Sales Support and DLP Stage
    • 24/7 support.
    • Service Delivery.
    • Service Desk.
    • Service Level Agreement.
    • Periodic reporting.