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Emerging Technologies

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Our Emerging Technology Solutions give organizations a competitive edge by bringing innovative solutions that enhance customer experience, save time and money, and keep businesses future proof. We are a leading emerging technologies company that have a team of experts who evaluate infrastructure, propose solutions, deploy technologies, and provide support & training at their best. We are at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies in UAE that are needed to keep businesses on the top.

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AI-based Video Analytics

Smartworld analytics solutions take advantage of various AI models depending on the use case. They can be run on the existing camera infrastructure or on state-of-the-art camera hardware that is capable of edge analytics. The solutions provide organizations with necessary insights and data that can be crucial when making key business decisions. Some of our AI analytics include people counting, heat maps, object tracking, face recognition, suspicious behavior, demographic, gender, age, etc.


Smartworld offers solutions that use robot hardware having various levels of complexity. These Smart robots can be used for assistance, patrolling, delivery, sanitization, etc. Disinfection Robots that use UV or disinfectant sprays are used as part of the regular cleaning cycle and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, virus, bacteria, and other types of harmful microorganisms.


Smartworld has its own Blockchain product called ‘Shahada’. The solution helps organizations to digitally track and authenticate secure documents, certificates, etc. Individuals collect several records and certifications throughout their career/ education that will remain important for the rest of their life. The solution ensures to keep these records paper free and assigned to those individuals preventing the need for attestation or acknowledgement. Visit website to learn more: www.shahada.ae

Drone Applications

Smartworld offers solutions that take advantage of drones to perform various types of tasks such as inspection, aerial mapping, security patrolling, thermal imaging, traffic monitoring, delivery, etc. We also offer custom drone applications that require custom payloads. Our drone solutions can be combined with state-of-the-art analytics to produce a multitude of applications. We also offer drone traffic management tools that allows an organization to manage and keep track of their drone operations.


Smartworld offers the necessary hardware and platform in order to transform a traditional marketplace to a digital one. Our solutions range from simple websites to complex ones.

Software Solutions

Smartworld offers variety of software solutions based on customer requirement. These solutions can include licenses and the infrastructure needed to host the software. We also offer software migrations to the cloud.

Contactless Solutions

Smartworld contactless Solutions allow organizations to control machines without the need to touch. These solutions prevent the spread of diseases and promote safe use of machines. Some of these solutions are hologram, screen mirroring, voice control, Smartphone as a trackpad, etc.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Smartworld RPA tools allow a lot of the repetitive processes to be automated leading to lower costs. This will allow employees to focus on things that require more human input. RPA can make up for the lack of staff and promote business continuity. Some of our RPA tools include ICR, NLP, etc.

Counter Drone

Smartworld offers counter drone solutions that are designed to protect facilities and their surroundings from aerial threats. These solutions provide another dimension of security layer. The counter drone systems use multiple sensors and layers to make sure it is redundant and failsafe. Sensors include 3D radars, Cooled thermal cameras, RF signals acoustic sensors, etc. The solutions also include active and passive mitigation components such as GPS Jammers, Powerful lights, Passive RF, etc.

Biometric Smart Gate

Smartworld offers face recognition smart gates that can be used to restrict access to authorized individuals to facilities and record a history log of the individual for attendance, etc. These smart gates can be installed at the entrances/exits of businesses or buildings. The face recognition modules allows for a touch free passage and is a more secure method in terms of authentication. The solutions can combine various types of smart gates with world class FR engines.
Smartworld Project Management Methodology

Smartworld is a PMO standard based company that delivers projects on the best practices and methodologies. 


Project Tendering
  • Client background, vision and mission.
  • Tender requirements analysis.
  • Vendors list based on experience and capabilities.
  • Compliance solution verification.
  • RFI for any inquiries.


Initiation & Planning
  • Recruitment and team building.
  • Project implementation planning.
  • Procurement planning.
  • Engineering design verification against project/authority requirements.
  • Site establishment.
  • Contract deliverables.
  • Communication planning.


Project Execution
  • Engineering approvals.
  • HSSE management.
  • Stakeholders management.
  • Procurement management.
  • Resources management.
  • Cost management.
  • Communication management.


Project Closeout
  • Project deliverables verification.
  • Spare parts and warranties arrangement.
  • Project documentation handover.
  • Operational systems handover.
  • End user training.
  • Final sign-off and Job Completion Certificate by Client.
  • Procurement close out.
  • Team demobilization.
  • Lesson learned collection.


After Sales & DLP
  • 24/7 support.
  • Service Delivery.
  • Service Desk.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • Periodic reporting.

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