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Improve Cost and Enhance Sustainability with our ELV Solutions.

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    We are the best ELV integrator in the UAE. We design, implement and operate ELV solutions with the utmost quality across every industry, with a wealth of experience in UAE mega projects.

    ELV systems are those systems used to manage building technologies but not power them. As a result, ELV solutions can lower a building’s operating costs while also providing a single platform for controlling or managing data networks, CCTV, fire alarm systems, public address systems, audio/video solutions, access control, and intrusion detection, automation, and much more. An effective ELV strategy requires domain expertise, experience obtained from previous installs, and a skillset to design, integrate, and deliver an integrated ELV system that meets diverse needs and while achieving ongoing cost reductions. Smartworld smart buildings take advantage of automation wherever possible, providing higher value to facility owners and occupants.


    ELV Solutions:


    Fire Alarm System:

    Integrated with building management systems, smart fire alarm systems feature advanced sensors that, thanks to IoT functionality, set in motion a series of events designed to save lives and minimize property loss. In addition to traditional zone and device reporting, Smartworld ELV systems can activate annunciators with custom communications based on alarm area, locking access doors, sending elevators to the ground level, and controlling windows and ventilation advance of firefighting teams.

    Master Clock System:

    The design, installation, and integration of a master clock is the first step in assuring that buildings, campuses, or remote facilities share a synchronized baseline for all digital systems. For example, Smartworld Master Clock Systems can document emergency calls for response time training and potential legal disputes. Digital broadcast systems rely on master clocks to ensure the reliability of wireless transmissions with aligned frequency. Master clocks are also required in data centers and financial services organizations for records’ accuracy, troubleshooting, and security while enabling time-sensitive applications to operate at extremely accurate levels.

    Building Management System:

    Building Management Systems (BMS) are centralized platforms for controlling/managing a building’s internal environment. In addition to HVAC, lighting, and related equipment, BMS systems may be linked to access control (turnstiles and access doors for access and egress) or other security systems such as CCTV, motion detectors, fire alarm systems, and elevators. We offer reliable, scalable solutions that empower building managers to monitor and efficiently manage energy and occupant comfort, providing an optimal working environment while minimizing staff requirements and operating costs. Effective BMS can incorporate AI for optimal asset utilization, extending equipment and systems’ operational life by reducing loads and operating hours.

    ELV System Integration:

    Smartworld takes a holistic approach to ELV system design and integration, assuring ELV runs concurrent with and independent of operational power but leveraging existing infrastructure. Like BMS, Smartworld Building Integration Systems are core to driving value from smart building connectivity of otherwise discrete IT systems, software, audio/visual devices, communications, and other digital technology to ensure facilities can function ‘smarter together.’ Our engineers emphasize connecting all data and systems – from security, access control, personnel systems, facility operation equipment, and video management – into a single, easy-to-use solution.

    ELV Partners:

    Siemens | Honeywell | Edwards | Mobatime | Rolex