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Smartworld successfully completed the implementation of IT Systems for Al Maktoum International Airport.

Smartworld, the leading systems integrator and smart solutions provider, completed a Wide CNE/SCN/WDN & SD PROJECT for Al Maktoum International Airport (AMIA). The objective of the project was to implement the IT Systems for AMIA, which is being positioned to become the world largest airport in the next few years. AMIA’s Cargo Terminal was first opened for operations in June 2010 while its Passenger Terminal Building was opened for service in April 2012. The project duration covered two years and four months, announcing completion in April 2012. The client for this project was Dubai Airports Engineering Services.

The scope of the project included the implementation of the following;

  • Airport Infrastructure Cabling Structure
  • Fully redundant and secure Airport Network
  • Airport Wireless System
  • Airport Service Desk
  • Network Node Management System

To ensure timely completion of the above scope of work, within the set deadline of the project, the following implementations were also conducted;

  • Airport Structure Cabling Network
  • Core and Access Network Devices
  • Airport Wireless Coverage
  • Airport Service Desk
  • Network Node Management

For this project, Smartworld was able to present Dubai Airports Engineering Services with unique offerings and added values. In fact, Smartworld was able to cater to the very aggressive timeline presented by the client, resulting in the ‘on-time’ completion of the project. The company was able to effectively liaise with all the stakeholders and contractors of the AMIA project, thereby resulting in the successful implementation of a well-recognized system for services provisioning—a key factor that led to the seamless expedition of all airport services required by the client.

Smartworld‘s Developed Innovation:

For its AMIA project, Smartworld designed a unique setup that merged the business enterprise requirement of the project and the service provider requirement into one unified network. This was made possible via the utilization of MPLS virtual private network (VPN) technologies along with datacentre networking technologies—in order to host the airport IT requirement and airport special systems requirements including airport security systems and other aviation systems.


One of the main challenges that Smartworld encountered during its implementation of a Wide CNE/SCN/WDN & SD PROJECT for AMIA was the vendor software code, which was implemented and tested for the first time on a worldwide scale to accommodate and support the complex services requirement that combines between service provider network and enterprise network.


At Smartworld, we take pride in the trust and confidence placed in us by our customers. In fact, the successful implementation of key projects for our clients has led them to entrust us with more projects. For example, after the successful implementation of the AMIA project, Smartworld was awarded the Terminal 2 project, which was larger in terms of scope and value.