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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporate social responsibility delivers added value to our clients, employees, shareholders, business partners and the communities in which we live and operate.

Smartworld is devoted to being a proactive corporate citizen in the UAE. The company is passionate about corporate social responsibility and executes the following initiatives: 

Environmental CSR initiatives

One of our core priorities is sustainability. Our environmental initiatives revolve around reducing our carbon footprint, beach cleaning activities, water and electricity conservation, stationery conservation, waste minimization, recycling initiatives, and much more.

Community CSR initiatives

Following sustainability, safety and security is something close to our heart. This section features initiatives like fire and security rescue drills, charity and education drives, national training programs, equal opportunity campaigns, digital security initiatives, and more.

Workplace CSR initiatives

We strive to create a sense of community at Smartworld’s workplace. We aim to improve occupational health and safety standards by spreading health-related awareness, promoting employee fitness and sporting activities, and offering better healthcare. Additionally, we also aim to create a positive environment for Smartworld’s visitors, customers, and suppliers.

Marketplace CSR initiatives

Smartworld encourages socially responsible practices on purchasing and sales. We will promote green purchasing, working with local suppliers, paying suppliers punctually, and campaign against corporate corruption.