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    Smartworld is known for creative audio-visual solutions for clients throughout the UAE. We design, install and maintain audio-visual systems with the utmost quality backed by a wealth of experience in UAE mega projects.

    Smartworld excels in digital communications at all levels and all environments, including audio-visual technologies. You can rely on Smartworld to translate your needs into cost-effective, professional systems that meet your needs today and into the future. We offer audio-visual solutions that equip organizations with leading-edge audiovisual and video tools to enhance team performance and creativity, whether communicating internally with co-workers or externally with customers and stakeholders.


    Audio Visual Solutions:


    Public Address & Background Music:

    Smartworld professional sound system design and installation are available for venues of all sizes, large or small. PA and BGM systems are not the areas to cut costs; nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand an announcement made on a substandard PA system. Of course, PA paging and intercom systems can take advantage of your Internet Protocol (IP) network to distribute a digital audio signal to paging locations across your facility, business campus, or to wherever your network extends, including the internet itself.

    IPTV Audio Visual Systems:

    The same holds true for TV or display systems; leverage your IP network investment to stream television or video messaging. Your customers and stakeholders can enjoy personalized services through multiple devices, desktop, tablet mobile, and traditional TV screens and displays. On-demand content, interactive TV, video and voice communications, photo, music, even gaming are all delivered seamlessly using state-of-the-art audio-visual technology. This requires innovative changes in the entire end-to-end delivery architect but offers better hospitality service with cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solutions, and lower management costs.

    Digital Signage:

    Our digital signage solutions extend beyond entertainment, information, alerts, and advertisements. Today’s digital signage can be interactive, allowing customers to engage with your business and promotions. Consumers use interactive digital signage not only for wayfinding but also to search inventory options, make purchases, learn product and service options and submit feedback. Make sure your system delivers high-quality video, graphics, and messaging uses all the digital tools available to reach your audience in the most compelling way.