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Artificial Intelligence

We provide consultancy, project management, design and integration of various AI powered security technologies.

Facial Recognition System

Smartworld’s fine-tuned facial recognition system has been trained with 10 million faces. The smart system has the ability to identify faces at a variety of angles, including titles and alignments. Our facial recognition system also scrupulously records the date, time, and place of all the faces it captures. The system significantly improves the quality of low-resolution videos, boosting clarity by four times. Our facial recognition system collaborates with live cameras and offline videos and can detect faces as small as 40 x 40 pixels.

People Tracking Solution

This system can comb through a crowd and analyze individual movements using heat maps. It assigns a unique ID to each individual and can track them in subsequent frames. These tracking IDs are preserved in case of future occlusions. Our People Tracking Solution boasts a user-friendly GUI that can be used to make changes, and 99% accuracy in real time.

EYE IN THE SKY – Live Drone Surveillance

Smartworld’s “Eye in The Sky” Live Drone Surveillance works seamlessly, during day and night, with an ability to accurately track objects with night vision after dark. It is equipped with a high-resolution HD/4K image mapping feature and a high-accuracy Pixelate Face Recognition software. Our “Eye in The Sky” Live Drone Surveillance is not challenged by speed and can detect and track fast-moving people and vehicles.

Driver Safety Solution

The Driver Safety Solution can help address the strategic and critical operational challenges of fleet management. This system can help detect if a driver is smoking on duty, is drowsy, is off the path, and absent from the car. This helps transportation providers remotely manage their driving staff’s productivity.

Number Plate Recognition

This system is 99% accurate in real time and can clearly detect images that are motion blurred, low-resolution, or low contrast. Number Plate Recognition can handle unusual angles and read license plates that are different on the front and back.

Sentiment Analysis

A sophisticated example of modern Artificial Intelligence, this system analyzes social media content and can monitor thousands of tweets per second. It has the superior ability to estimate the general mood of citizens and alert authorities of concerning hashtags posted by users. Authorities can also add new hashtags relevant to current trends and events and monitor the general emotional state of the nation.

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