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The UAE leading technology service provider

A joint venture between Etisalat and Dubai Aviation City Corporation


Established in 2008, Smartworld is a joint venture between the Middle East leading telecommunication operator Etisalat and Dubai Aviation City Corporation.

For UAE organizations, which contribute to infrastructure and economic developments in the country, and are keen to leverage growing digital opportunities, Smartworld offers contextually-aligned digital planning, implementation and operation services & solutions, which improve cost-line, accelerate growth and transform business models.


Our mission is to plan, implement and operate technologies, which support digital transformation and enable smart solutions.


Enabling a digitally competitive Middle-East and Africa.


Semi Government Company: Smartworld is a joint venture (50/50) between the government of Dubai represented by Dubai Aviation City Corporation and the Middle East leading telecom operator Etisalat.

Financial Stability: Smartworld has a good financial reputation among its stakeholders (customers, employees, banks, and suppliers).

Next Generation Infrastructure: Using the “best of breed” innovative technologies that guarantee customers access to premium products and services which are highly scalable, energy efficient, at an optimal cost.

World Class Team: Highly experienced professionals with in-depth business and technical knowledge across various industry verticals.

Customer Centric Services: Every organization has unique requirements based on their operational and business needs. Smartworld’s value-added services are modular and scalable to suit the clients’ requirements which change dynamically over the lifecycle of their business, enabling them to meet present and future business challenges.

Proven Track Record: Smartworld has been engaged in large infrastructure projects like airports, malls, hotels and government initiatives since its inception.

We offer digital services and solutions, which improve cost line, accelerate growth and transform business models

  1. 1Structured Cabling
  2. 2Data Center & Hosting Facility
  3. 3Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  4. 4Bollards, Road Blocker & Turnstiles
  5. 5Under Vehicle Scanning System
  6. 6Automatic Number Recognition System
  7. 7Parking Management
  8. 8AI-based indoor & outdoor Analytics
  9. 9Smart Gate with Facial Recognition
  10. 10Attendance System
  1. 11Intercom System
  2. 12Digital Signage
  3. 13IPTV System
  4. 14Background Music System
  5. 15Master Clock System
  6. 16Public Address System
  7. 17Fire Alarm System
  8. 18Key Management System
  9. 19Building Management System
  10. 20Motion Detector System
  1. 21Smart Lighting
  2. 22In-building Solutions
  3. 23Etisalat Digital Services
  4. 24Security Control Room
  5. 25Network Operations Center
  6. 26IP Telephony
  7. 27Resource Outsourcing
  8. 28Government, Risk and Compliance
  9. 29Software Solutions
  10. 30Cyber Security Solutions
  1. 31Microsoft Cloud Services
  2. 32Blockchain Solutions
  3. 33Robotics Process Automation
  4. 34Thermal/Cooled Long Range Camera 
  5. 35Drone Solutions
  6. 36Counter Drone Solutions
  7. 37Lightning Protection System
  8. 38Earthing & Bonding
  9. 39Smart Metering
  10. 40Smart Utilities

Every year, we are granted prestigious certifications for highest quality standards

ISO 9001: 2015 QMS

The Quality Management System of Smartworld demonstrates the capability of Smartworld to provide products and services that address customer requirements continuously. Smartworld has established and implemented the QMS in February 2009, which is maintained and continually improved according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard including processes needed and their interactions.

ISO 27001: 2013 ISMS

Smartworld established and implemented Information Security Management System (ISMS) in April 2015 and has developed policies, procedures and plans to implement and monitor the performance of information security management system.  Smartworld aligned information security with the entity’s strategic direction and objectives. Smartworld continuously improve levels of information security and reduce risk in line with the business objectives and universal threats and increases awareness among the user community towards information security.

ISO 20000: 2011 ITSM

Smartworld specializes in the provision of IT services to customers across several sectors in the Middle East and has established and implemented IT Service Management System (ITSM) in May 2015. The system assures provision of quality of IT services to internal and external customers.


Smartworld is wholly committed to the prevention of all incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses to its employees, sub – contractors and other members of the public. Smartworld established and implemented Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard in March 2016 and migrated to ISO 45001 in March 2019 and Smartworld is committed to follow industry best practices related to Health and Safety with the objective of achieving continuous improvement.

ISO 14001: 2015 EMS

Smartworld established and implemented Environmental Management System in February 2019 to improve Smartworld’s environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.


CIO areas of focus during COVID-19

CIO areas of focus during COVID-19

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